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The latest real estate news and insights for Sonoma and Napa County.

4 Tips for Creating a Home Office that “Works”

Creating the perfect at-home office is essential. This space will be utilized for intensive work, client meetings, and potentially after-hours relaxation.

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These are the 5 Smart Home Amenities Today’s Luxury Buyers Expect

Homeowners and renters alike are searching for automated home features that are integrated into home design, and they’re willing to pay the price to live in a place with these smart amenities.

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4 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Napa and Sonoma

Looking to have a dinner date with man’s best friend? Book a reservation at one of these four dog-friendly restaurants.

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Napa Valley Restaurant Week 2019: Tasting Preview

Napa Valley Restaurant Week is a highly-anticipated annual event. This week-long celebration of food draws in locals and visitors, so everyone can get a taste of the exquisite and innovative Restaurant Week menus.

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Take a Dive into Yountville’s Famous Restaurant Scene

Although Yountville may not be very sizable, its restaurant scene is spectacular. Worldwide recognition has been given to the fine dining in the area.

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6 Luxury Home Improvements that Impress Homebuyers

Whether you’re on the hunt for amenities that you yourself can enjoy or you’re hoping to impress potential homebuyers with state-of-the-art perks, there are many luxury home improvements that can boost your property’s value.

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7 Reasons to Love Napa in the Wintertime

Every year, wine lovers come together to enjoy great scenery and even better drinks in Napa, California. Check out these seven reasons to book your trip to Napa in the winter.

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How to Explore Napa by Train or Air

Whether you’re a Napa local or just visiting, it’s always exciting to get to know the area from a different perspective.

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Don’t Miss the Napa Lighted Art Festival

Be sure to stop by the 2019 Napa Lighted Art Festival this year! This wintertime event always stands out among the rest, as it combines a variety of fan favorites.

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